Friday, April 30, 2010

Potty Camp

Well this week was "Potty Camp" at the backup daycare at my work location.
We decided to sign princess up for it because she has been very interested in the potty and taking her diaper off. Her teachers told us they thought she was ready for training.

So, it began this Monday. I was excited to see what would come of the week, but very nervous to have her out of her typical routine and daycare.

Being a place she had not been to in several months, she was rather scared on Monday morning.
When I kissed her and said goodbye, huge alligator tears instantly began falling, and she was crying, "mama, mama. "
It absolutely broke my heart and I cried on the elevator going back up to my desk.
It was so hard to see her that way because she never cries at her regular daycare. She usually gives her teachers a hug, and starts playing.

I called at breakfast to see if she had calmed down, and they assured me she had. Then I went to check on her at lunch. I peered in through the window to watch her, so that she would not see me and get emotional. She was eating lunch at the tiny little table with several friends, and smiling.
A few hours later when it was time to leave for the day, she burst out crying as soon as she saw me walk in. She grabbed my hand and walked me over to where her belongings were so that I could gather them. I scooped her up, and she gave me the biggest hug. It was so wonderful!
I guess the waking up extra early, and different people and surroundings really messed with her, because she was a royal bear Monday night. She was screaming for no apparent reason, and throwing things against the wall. She wanted nothing to do with her daddy, and only mommy could bathe her and give her breathing treatment. Oh, and mommy had to rock her for over an hour to get her to sleep!

We started it all over again on Tuesday. Her crying as I walked off got to me again. I so wanted to turn around and just take her home to play all day, but I had so much work to do this week.
When I picked her up Tuesday, they informed me that she had gone twice on the potty, and was very pleased with herself!!!
They told me that she definitely has the concept down, but still struggling with pulling her pull up and shorts down.
Tuesday night was a bit better, but she still wanted only mommy near her.

Wednesday was better for both of us. She went once on the potty, but stayed dry in her pull-ups, and was less fussy at home. I had such a headache that I was desperate for her daddy to watch her all evening, but she refused that plan. I tried to go to to the store for just a few minutes and she screamed for me the entire time.
I cuddled with her when I returned and finally got her to bed.

Thursday drop-off was a tad bit easier because she had a doll with her. She still cried like crazy though. When I picked her up, the teachers told me had refused to eat all day, and did not sit on the potty. I was disappointed, but not mad. I'm sure she was exhausted and tired of this place.
She would not take a single bite of dinner for me, so I knew she was just worn out.
I had to deliver a meal to some friends, but she was willing to stay with daddy and play, finally!
I got back home and got her to bed rather easily.

So, it's now Friday, and she is not potty trained, but that is totally fine with me. I do not want to rush her or stress her. We will continue working with her and let her decide when she is ready.
She is back to normal routine today. Daddy got her ready and took her to her regular daycare, so I'm sure she'll have a great day!
I cannot wait to go get her once my house is clean for our dinner party tonight!

I love my little girl so, so much!!

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