Monday, July 25, 2011


If you have spoken to my daughter for more than 5 minutes, then you know she is enamoured with firetrucks! It has to be because her school is across the street from a station, so she sees them daily. Anyway, our sweet friends Katie and Kevin invited us to go with them on a tour of a Grand Prairie station, where Katie's uncle is lieutenant.
It was a super fun way to start our Saturday!! We saw all the trucks, their dorm, kitchen, theater, and fitness room. it was a very informative tour.

This is my angel all ready to go see the firetrucks! She insisted on the pink(not white) bow (I guess she wanted to impress the firemen!)

Big engine that she got to sit in...but would NOT let me take her picture

Original G.P. egine from the 1940' still works!!!!

Dive Team Truck with wetsuits and masks. They respond to Joe Pool Lake calls.

Showing us all the equipment they keep on the truck. Axes, hammers, oxygen, Jaws of Life....

Daddy and his lil girl (and Karson in the background!)

The trucks and flag

Everyone going for a ride on the vintage engine!

Coming back to the station

The guys movie room

The Station. They were all SO friendly, an loved the kids!