Monday, June 27, 2011

3rd Birthday!!

For Reagan's birthday, we took her to Sea World. We actually went a few days before her birthday, and came back the day prior to her party!
She LOVED Sea World. She liked Shamu, but I think the dolphins and the brand new Elmo Playworld were her favorites.
I did not get many pictures, because we were constantly getting wet, so the camera stayed inside the bag.

After a LONG day, we were waiting on the hotel shuttle.

Shamu on the elevator doos in our hotel. She LOVED this!!

Looking at the colorful fish together


Random people feeding the dolphins in the dolphin cove

Shamu and my princess (sun in her eyes)

totally wiped out, and using daddy's cap to hide from the sun

lunch time after hours in the water!

yummy cold grapes!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dr Pepper, TX

So, I grew up in Dublin, Texas. It is the home of the REAL Dr Pepper-made with real sugar.
It is a very big deal around there, and we still lived there when the museum turned 100b years old. This year it turned 120, so I thought it would be fun to take my daughter and husband to see the stuff I was around as I grew up.
We stayed the entire weekend with my aunt and uncle that live in Stephenville. My uncle has a large farm, with COWS-and my child is currently obssesed with cows, and probably because we live in the city and do not see farm animals. She thought his farm was TOO COOL. She talked to the cows, and they moo'ed back to her, and she told them that she loved them.
We also made time to play at the Stephenville park!!

bridge at the park

ducks that she chased

LOVE this slide!



The town officially becomes Dr Pepper, TX. All city signs are changed