Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun at the park!!

On Friday afternoon, March 19th we decided to go to the park since the weekend forecast was cold and rainy.

Punkin and daddy walking into the park and pointing out all the other kids that were playing!

Mommy helping her down the extra large slide!

Hi Daddy, look at us playing on the big kids equipment!

Super CUTE girl!!!!

Climbing up on the park bench to take a rest!
No daddy, I dont't want to go home. Please don't make me leave!!

We will definitely be visiting the park frequently over the next few months!
Lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing though!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recent Pictures

So, this was last Saturday as we were about to leave to her friend's 1st birthday party. I'm almost sure she knew how cute she was in her denim dress and fun bow! In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE dressing my little sweetheart. Girls are soo sooo fun to buy clothes for!

This was last Thursday after I picked her up from daycare. She was surprised to see me pull the camera out so fast. Cutie pie!

Sometime last week. She had just spilled water on her shirt, but I was still taking pics anyway!

I am trying to get better about taking many more pictures on a regular basis. I still cannot believe how big she is getting. She amazes me with new things everyday. I LOVE this little angel more than I ever thought possible!

Have you hugged someone you love today? Remind them how much you love them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Started

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to having a blog for our little of family of 3.

I know it will be a nice thing for our out of town family members.

Before I start with very recent pictures of Reagan, I thought I'd share some of our BIG snow event from February. We had a 12 INCHES of beautiful thick snow!

I would have taken many more pictures if Reagan hadn't been sick.

I kept her resting inside as much as possible.

Being a busy, working mom, I'm not sure how often I'll post on here, but I will try my best to do so at least twice a week.