Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun times

Our princess is oh so SMITTEN with her friend Cade. Not only are they church buddies, but he is also our neighbor!

EVERY time we leave the house, she points to his house and asks if she can go see him.

She calls him "my Cade". Its pretty darn funny.

For the past several weeks, while their daddies attend a men's bible study, we let the kids play together at his house or ours. He is so cute, and does whatever she says....and he is 7 months older!

Here's a few pictures of their fun times together!

Trike riding!

Fun in the wagon!

Rolling the ball

Girls Trip!!

So, several of us from WRBC decided it was time for a girls weekend trip! The guys go away on two camping trips each year, so it was our turn to leave. We went to CANTON on April 1 and 2. We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We stayed at this VERY "rustic" lodge/cabin. We laughed ALOT about how it looked and smelled, but it worked out perfect and held all 6 of us very comfortably! We went on Friday afternoon and shopped a bit, and ate a yummy Mexican dinner. Saturday morning we ate in downtown and then made our way to the Grounds, and shopped ALL DAY! 3 of the girls were too tired and had to leave about 3:00, but us other 3 lasted several more hours. We finally got home Saturday night, and husbands and kiddos were VERY happy to see their mommies! I really LOVE all these ladies! We had so much fun, just having ladies talk, and discussing ALL the great things God has done in our lives! Andrea and Tiffany Car #1 Clarire, Andrea, me

Car #2..Tiffany, Holly, Rachelle

Breakfast in downtown. Ready to SHOP!

room. 3 beds was perfect for the 6 of us!