Monday, November 1, 2010


As of last week, I can WALK freely again!
Doctor said
I could go without the crutches, unless it was a long walk, or somewhere where there could be a slick/wet floor to fall on.

My leg is 85% healed the dr reported. Wahoooo!!

I go back in 3 weeks for hopefully the last round of X-rays.
For now, I'm doing physical therapy several times a week, and hoping to get back my strength and range of motion VERY soon.
There is still pain, but its caused from all the scar tissue.

Thank you for all your prayers.
I'm so thrilled to be a happy, mobile wife and mommy again!

Halloween 2010!!!

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend! Saturday night we attended an 80's theme party hosted by our dear best friends in Cleburne. After church on Sunday, we watched football and napped, and then it was time to trick or treat!! I must say....MY ladybug was the CUTEST ladybug out there! There were random people asking if they could take her picture! :-)

Our totally 80's costumes!!

A few of the ladies.....

Mommy so proud of her little ladybug after 2 hours of trick or treating!

Daddy letting his ladybug enjoy some Skittles!

Almost home and she was just too worn out to walk anymore!

Ladybug and her police officer friend!

View from the back....the cutest wings ever!!