Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My wonderful family!!
Santa came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty day at the park

gorgeous nativity scene

the ice was amazing!

SOOOO COLD (even wiuth gloves, hat, scarf)

ice cream treat after looking at lights around town!

Princess and Addison

Monday, November 1, 2010


As of last week, I can WALK freely again!
Doctor said
I could go without the crutches, unless it was a long walk, or somewhere where there could be a slick/wet floor to fall on.

My leg is 85% healed the dr reported. Wahoooo!!

I go back in 3 weeks for hopefully the last round of X-rays.
For now, I'm doing physical therapy several times a week, and hoping to get back my strength and range of motion VERY soon.
There is still pain, but its caused from all the scar tissue.

Thank you for all your prayers.
I'm so thrilled to be a happy, mobile wife and mommy again!

Halloween 2010!!!

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend! Saturday night we attended an 80's theme party hosted by our dear best friends in Cleburne. After church on Sunday, we watched football and napped, and then it was time to trick or treat!! I must say....MY ladybug was the CUTEST ladybug out there! There were random people asking if they could take her picture! :-)

Our totally 80's costumes!!

A few of the ladies.....

Mommy so proud of her little ladybug after 2 hours of trick or treating!

Daddy letting his ladybug enjoy some Skittles!

Almost home and she was just too worn out to walk anymore!

Ladybug and her police officer friend!

View from the back....the cutest wings ever!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old and New

As you know, I had a silly accident on August 28th. A simple little fall, yet I managed to fracture my tibia in 2 locations. The first 10 days were PURE pain, but each day the pain seems to get better, although each night is not fun from the all day pressure.

So, being on crutches, and in an immobilizer, I am VERY limited to what I can do. I can't cook, clean house, do laundry, or even buy groceries. I can't play with Reagan, bathe her, or pick her up from daycare. While I am missing my angel like CRAZY, I am oh so glad to see her bond with her daddy growing stronger!!

This little girl has always been my absolute JOY. She was a miracle, and not a day goes by that I dont thank God for blessing us with her.

She has definitely been a "mommy's girl", but with this injury, I am LOVING how Reagan is now so intrigued with daddy.

It really does make me tear up to watch them interact. I cannot give enough thanks to God for both of them. They are my WORLD.

I just wanted to share some old pictures that make my heart so happy every time I look at them.
I LOVE my Reagan and my great husband!!!
enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We decided it was way, way past time for us to take some time off work. We needed to refersh our minds, so we took the week off. It worked out perfectly, because princess had vacation also, because daycare was closed.
Since our anniversary was on Monday, we wanted to have a couple days away for some quiet time. Princess got to stay with nana and papaw.
We stayed at a lovely new hotel in New Braunfels. We were so tired the first day from driving and shopping, so we went to Gruene for dinner. We ate on the river, it was so pretty.
Monday morning we went on a zipline tour in Wimberley. It was incredible!! 150 feet abive ground and going 35 mph. It was very adventerous! After the ziplines, we went to "float the river" after renting tubes. The water was high and VERY cold!
After being in the water for 4 hours, we cleaned up and went to our anniversary dinner. It was a quiet, elegant place in downtown. It was super yummy!! Great food AND wine!
On Thursday, we wanted to have a family day out, because Wednesday we hing out at home. We went to the Dallas aquarium, and princess LOVED the birds(more than fish).
After seeing the fish, we went to look at "big girl beds". Well, she found a low-to-the ground bed that she loved. We bought it for her, and bright colored bedding.
On Friday, we re-arranged her room, and put in her brand new bed! She was oh so excited! i will soon post pics of her in her bed.
We'll get to end our vacation week by going to church and then to the waterpark for church baptisms!!

Princess watching the penguins swim!

Anniversary dinner

AMAZING zipline!!!

View from one of the zip lines

Friday, July 23, 2010

Freedom Celebration

July 10th was the Crowley Freedom Celebration at a city park. Greg, by brother in law works part time for a group that does fireworks shows around the DFW area. He told us this was going to be a good show, because Chesapeake Energy spared no expenses on the fireworks. We got there early, and princess and her cousin, Bethany, rode rides. We then ate, and got a great seat for the wonderful show. Greg and his team did a great job!! Lots of cheers and applause by everyone!
Here are pictures of the girls. I just love them. Each time I look at these, my heart melts.
They are just too cute, and love each other so much!

Carriage ride

Train ride

I just LOVE this one! The back view of them giggling at each other is precious.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


June came and went in a flash!
Our little angel is now 2 years old, and that is so hard to believe! Her birthday party was fun. We had friends and family. I must apologize because we only took a few pictures. We took more video than anything. It's hard to I t entertain the birthday girl, the guests, serve cake, open gifts, and take pictures! It was a very fun afternoon watching the kids play together and smear cake all over the place! Princess got some very neat gifts, some of which include: bubbles, tea set, books, swimsuit, dishes, baby doll, and a puzzle.
I think we did a good job picking out her laptop, because she has played with it over an hour each day since. She really loves it. She loves repeating the numbers and letters! So proud of her! She got some adorable dresses at her party. She wore one the next day to church, but I didnt think to get a picture while her hair was in a bow, so I took a picture after a nap, so this is it below. I just love the colors!I'm glad other people also love shopping for little girls!!

Tired girl opening her last gift....a new baby doll!!

Birthday cake for our little princess

Mommy and daddy got her a Fisher Price Laptop, and she LOVES it! It does numbers, letters, phonics, music, and games!

Princess and her daddy in the yard

One evening in June, we just let her have fun in the sprinkler!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Once again, it's been WAY too long since I updated.
Below are pictures from our 5/29/10 trip to the zoo!
We had so much fun. It was awesome to watch her face light up as we approached each exhibit!

Beautiful waterfall.

Mommy and princess

Resting Jaguar

Thought this was just too cute! Hand in hand with daddy



Cute, again. Trying to watch the giraffes like daddy!

Posing in front of the elephants

Elephant trying to pick up the branch

Watching the Meerkats until a little boy walked up.

A VERY great day to the zoo!

Trying on mommy's shoe the last week of May.

Playing on the laptop. Chhhheeeeesssee!!

Beautiful BLUE eyes!