Thursday, July 1, 2010


June came and went in a flash!
Our little angel is now 2 years old, and that is so hard to believe! Her birthday party was fun. We had friends and family. I must apologize because we only took a few pictures. We took more video than anything. It's hard to I t entertain the birthday girl, the guests, serve cake, open gifts, and take pictures! It was a very fun afternoon watching the kids play together and smear cake all over the place! Princess got some very neat gifts, some of which include: bubbles, tea set, books, swimsuit, dishes, baby doll, and a puzzle.
I think we did a good job picking out her laptop, because she has played with it over an hour each day since. She really loves it. She loves repeating the numbers and letters! So proud of her! She got some adorable dresses at her party. She wore one the next day to church, but I didnt think to get a picture while her hair was in a bow, so I took a picture after a nap, so this is it below. I just love the colors!I'm glad other people also love shopping for little girls!!

Tired girl opening her last gift....a new baby doll!!

Birthday cake for our little princess

Mommy and daddy got her a Fisher Price Laptop, and she LOVES it! It does numbers, letters, phonics, music, and games!

Princess and her daddy in the yard

One evening in June, we just let her have fun in the sprinkler!

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