Monday, April 18, 2011

Girls Trip!!

So, several of us from WRBC decided it was time for a girls weekend trip! The guys go away on two camping trips each year, so it was our turn to leave. We went to CANTON on April 1 and 2. We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We stayed at this VERY "rustic" lodge/cabin. We laughed ALOT about how it looked and smelled, but it worked out perfect and held all 6 of us very comfortably! We went on Friday afternoon and shopped a bit, and ate a yummy Mexican dinner. Saturday morning we ate in downtown and then made our way to the Grounds, and shopped ALL DAY! 3 of the girls were too tired and had to leave about 3:00, but us other 3 lasted several more hours. We finally got home Saturday night, and husbands and kiddos were VERY happy to see their mommies! I really LOVE all these ladies! We had so much fun, just having ladies talk, and discussing ALL the great things God has done in our lives! Andrea and Tiffany Car #1 Clarire, Andrea, me

Car #2..Tiffany, Holly, Rachelle

Breakfast in downtown. Ready to SHOP!

room. 3 beds was perfect for the 6 of us!

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