Thursday, February 17, 2011


So it has been a CRAZY BUSY 2011 so far!!
Between work, church, and daycare, we have been swamped.
So sorry about not updating sooner.......i WILL do better!
Here's my girl from the past month or two.

Valentine's Day....dragging her new chair back to her playroom.

New princess chair! End of day....stained shirt and messy hair.....dirty mouth....

showing Jaxson and Ms Carolyn her valentine bag at school

snack time at V-Day party at school

Ms. Shanta helping scoop the sprinkles

Her friends at her table. Cutie pies
(Jordan, Jaxson, Braxton)

February snow day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first day at new school in January! cute uniform!

wanting to love on mommy before first day at new school.
Mommy LOVES this girl like crazy!!

Stretching arms out of this new sweater.............

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