Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rough Week

Last Wednesday, the 12th, I had my oral surgery. 6 wisdom teeth removed, and a small piece of jawbone, plus lots of tissue. The surgeon told me it would be a pretty rough surgery, because they were so deeply impacted. He said the typical 3-4 day recovery would not hold true in my case. WELL, let me say, Dr Hall, you were correct!
The first few days were awful. On day #2, I got dehydrated (b/c drinking was painful), and passed out several times. Got a lovely gash on my arm from falling into a solid piece of furniture.
Jay did a great job bringing me my meds, water, slim fast, and cold cloths.
He had to be a single parent because I could not even get out of bed. It broke my heart not cuddle with my sweet girl each night.
Jay's birthday was Sunday, so I felt like I had to get up and join him for dinner.
I attempted to eat rice with cheese and sour cream. It was PAIN, and more PAIN.
I could not sleep that night because my mouth was pure fire. I called the doctor monday, barely able to speak, and he told me to get to his office ASAP. He looked me over and found loose and missing stitches, and dry socket. He filled the wounds with medince drenched gauze. Oh, the taste is nasty, but it sure has helped the pain. I've also got a new less potent painkiller that I can take during the day and still be able to function on. I hope to be eating next week, and very little pain!
So, with the last week being a blur, I have taken NO pictures.
Below are some from a couple weeks ago.
I will try my best to get back on track with timely updates!

Playing with her friend, Elijah.

Angel and Ava playing in the sprinkler.

Posing for mommy. ( i LOVE this picture). Her itty bitty self!

Playing in yogurt at dinner. FUN!!

Mommy, how can you be mad at this face??! I love my yogurt!

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